Board Members

Joseph D. Gnall, President (2025)

Joseph F. Gaither (2027)

Rebecca A. Glenister (2025)

Christopher J. Hoffman (2025)

Carol A. Klinger (2027)

Laura M. McKelvey, Treasurer (2025)

Sarah A. Nemitz,
Vice-President (2027)

Ian D. Riccaboni (2025)

Thomas P. Spinner (2027)

The Salisbury Township School District School Board consists of nine directors elected for terms of 4 years. New board members photo will be updated in the near future. To learn more about current board members, read their bios below.



I am the Director of Development for Athletics at Lehigh University where I engage with alumni, parents and friends to secure leadership gifts for Lehigh's highest athletic priorities.

What do you value most about Salisbury?

I value the sense of family and community that grows organically from our children and schools. You can see from a very early age our children care and look out for each other.

Why did you want to join the Salisbury Township School Board?

I wanted to be part of a progressive group that strives to make the everyday life of our children better and more enriching.



I retired after 50+ years in Facility Services Management.

What do you value about Salisbury?

I’ve made Salisbury Township my home because I appreciate the sense of community that Salisbury offers its residence 

Why did you want to join Salisbury Township School Board?

With my years of experience with facility assets and operations in school environments I feel  my acquired knowledge will offer an important aspect in maintaining and improving a safe environment for staff and students.



I am a freelance textbook and journal editor. I have also consistently volunteered with organizations within the district for the past 18 years, including serving as the current president of the Salisbury Education Foundation and past president of the Salisbury chapter of the Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education.

What do you value most about Salisbury?

Both of my sons received an excellent education from Salisbury and I especially appreciate the close-knit nature of our small school district. While my youngest child is now continuing his time at university, over the past 18 years I have been actively engaged in both of my sons’ education and have therefore become familiar with the operation of the district at each level of schooling and as a whole. I value the personal connections our building administrators form with the students in their building and how the staff works together as a team to see each child as an individual.

Why did you want to join the Salisbury Township School Board?

I view public education as the cornerstone of our democracy and the critical foundation for an informed electorate. As the child of public school teachers, I knew the importance of the school board in determining the direction and quality of the education provided and I wanted to be a part of that process. As a board member I seek to ensure that each Salisbury student is appropriately challenged and supported. My position on the school board is a way for me to give back to our community in the way I best know how.



I am an Insurance Agent specializing in Commercial Insurance.

What do you value most about Salisbury?

Strong sense of community, a fine place to raise a family, and the school district has a strong academic tradition.

Why did you want to join the Salisbury Township School Board?

I feel the work the school board does is worthwhile and valuable to the community. After the closing of Western Salisbury Elementary, I became more interested in learning about the inner workings of the district. I’m excited to contribute to the district/community in any way possible.



I am a retired teacher from the Salisbury Township School District. Even though I’m retired, I have two part-time jobs. I am museum teacher at Burnside Plantation in Historic Bethlehem, and I am the Office Coordinator at my church. The best part about my two part-time jobs is that I make my own schedule and work when I want! My two part-time jobs give me structure, but also afford me the opportunity to volunteer, travel and do some things I never had the time to do when I was teaching.

What do you value most about Salisbury?

I was employed by Salisbury as a teacher for over thirty years, and am a resident and parent of two daughters who attended Salisbury. I see Salisbury from the inside out. Salisbury is a small school district where students are not just a number. Each individual student is known by their teachers, the entire staff and by each other. My children received an excellent education and were well prepared for college. Each is now a successful, functioning adult. They were educated by a child-centered, caring staff & administration. At Salisbury they were afforded many opportunities that would have been impossible in other districts. The quote, “It takes a village to raise a child,” is lived here in Salisbury. The entire Salisbury community helps raise its children and takes pride in that.

Why did you want to join the Salisbury Township School Board?

It was very difficult after being a teacher in Salisbury for over thirty years to totally disconnect myself from education. After retiring, I still wanted to play a vital role in educating the students in Salisbury without being involved on a daily basis. Over the years, as a parent and an employee, I attended many school board meetings and was always intrigued by the operations of the school board. After careful consideration, I felt that one way I could give back to my former employer, as well as the students of Salisbury and my community, was to run for a position on the school board. Being a board member has provided me insight into the operations of the school district in ways that I was not privy to as a teacher.



Family support service coordinator for the Eastern Pennsylvania Down Syndrome Center. I connect families with resources they need to support their member with Down syndrome, address questions pertaining to parents’ and students’ rights and responsibilities with regards to education, and serve as an advocate at IEP meetings.

What do you value most about Salisbury?

I love the small, close knit community our district and wider community has and the teamwork between families and school staff to really ensure every child gets the education they need.

Why did you want to join the Salisbury Township School Board?

I want to ensure that our district serves our children well by being fiscally responsible, providing an excellent education, and always ensuring that resources are available for our most vulnerable students.



I am the Owner & Chief Creative of Gingersnaps Bows, and also an active volunteer with Salisbury Music Association, Boy Scout Troop 439 and the Trident Swim & Dive Team. I was a member of the inaugural PSBA Policy Institute (2021-22) and am a Public Education Champion for the Education Voters of Pennsylvania.

What do you value most about Salisbury?

I value the community created in our schools and the quality of the education provided to our students. I've seen each of my three children flourish in the classroom and grow as kind human beings because of the teachers and support staff in their schools.

Why did you want to join the Salisbury Township School Board?

I joined the school board to lend my voice and experience to continue the work of the district, working to continue providing great experiences for our students while spending taxpayer money responsibly.



Throughout the week, I work for CSL Behring, a pharmaceutical manufacturer that specializes in plasma-infused therapies. My role is as a Senior Manager in Patient Services where I work with support vendors to reduce cost and access barriers to our medication.

On weekends, you may find me as part of the All Elite Wrestling, Ring of Honor, and New Japan Pro-Wrestling broadcast teams, where I occasionally host AEW Collision on TNT and am the on-air voice of ROH Television on HonorClub and NJPW STRONG, which airs on New Japan World and AXS TV. 

Additionally, I volunteer as a coach with Salisbury Youth Association.

What do you value most about Salisbury?

I grew up in and graduated from Salisbury. Salisbury is big enough to always learn something new about your neighbors but small enough to know all of them by name. I value the increasing diversity in its population, the support for students ranging the entire gamut of neurodivergent through academically gifted, and the opportunities for both college and career readiness. I appreciate the all-hands-on-deck approach to youth sports and the community support for those in need.

Why did you want to join the Salisbury Township School Board?

I joined the Salisbury Township School Board to serve the community and school that instilled empathy, compassion, and respect. Because of Salisbury, I was able to pursue higher education and reach my dream jobs. I seek to continue to expand and extend those opportunities, as well as those who choose not to seek college and pursue career readiness, to all Salisbury students.

Additionally, I am from a family of educators, including my Grandmother who served as the long-time secretary at Salisbury Elementary and notably sought and obtained permission from President Truman’s widow to name the building after the former president upon its opening and my aunt who served as the head of Special Education for the Cities of Bethlehem, PA and Mesa, AZ Schools. My wife serves as a contracts and grants specialist at Lehigh University, where I am pursuing a Master’s in Business Administration. Prior to and shortly following the birth of our two children, Zach and Nora, I served for five years as an adjunct professor of Sports Media at Holy Family University, a role I was prepared for by graduating from the University of Pennsylvania with a Master’s Degree in Higher Education Management and my sports television experience.

I have a drive to never stop learning or serving and I believe that with Zach beginning elementary school and Nora right behind him, now is the time to get involved and help maintain the gold standard Salisbury has created to celebrate the community and prepare our children for the future.



I'm a Project Manager at Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

As a project manager I thrive on being in the action. The ability to work alongside and support incredible people who love what they do brings me a great sense of satisfaction.

Though I travel approximately 50% of the time, it allows me the opportunity to meet incredible people and see our wonderful country.

I'm constantly working with engineers to specify and ensure compliance with project requirements. I then work with the trades to successfully complete construction projects safely, on time, and on budget.

As a subject matter expert I also help guide my company through the decommissioning and demolition of industrial facilities.

What do you value most about Salisbury?

My wife and I chose Salisbury Township based on its smaller community and the district's reputation.

Fast forward 12 years and we've fallen in love with this community and want nothing but to see it continue to grow and prosper.

We've seen our children grow in their educational experiences with the district, as well as athletics through our local youth association. The experiences they gain here are priceless and I'm nothing short of thrilled to see the men they will become.

The experiences I've had over the past several years with the Salisbury Youth Association as an assistant coach for football and director of the wrestling program have made me realize how invested I am in the children of this community. Every year having the opportunity to work with the athletes and watching them grow and aspire to be better athletes is a truly humbling experience.

I also have the pleasure of working with our Township serving on the Zoning Hearing Board. The ability to serve our residents to ensure this community remains as wonderful as the day we first called it home is an honor.

Why did you want to join the Salisbury Township School Board?

Over the past two years I've become engaged with the school board meetings.

I've watched the restructuring of the schools and the development plans for the future. I felt a calling to serve our district. I feel that I can leverage my experiences from my career and personal life to help the district move forward towards the future. I'm truly thankful for this opportunity to serve our great community.