CPE Tracker & PERMS

The Professional Education Records Management System (PERMS) is the official professional development record for certified educators. All professional employees are responsible for the accuracy of Act 48 records in the PERMS system. Act 48 hours are uploaded to the PERMS system from CPE Tracker. Professional employees should check the PERMS system regularly to ensure the accuracy of data.

CPETracker is our local registration and professional development attendance system for all employees. Salisbury utilizes CPETracker for summer academy registration, tracking of choice hours, and uploading eligible activities to PDE. CPEtracker is also utilized in both IU 20 and 21.

How to Register for a Conference/Workshop Listed on CPETracker Registration
Use the information at the link below after logging into CPE Tracker to register for any event that is provided by an IU or school district that is using CPETracker. Please note that for any building or district in-service days you need only sign the attendance sheet for that day. 

Register for a Course

How to request a Conference/Activity/Workshop (Add An Event)

Prior to the Conference/Activity/Workshop

All requests must be pre-approved by your principal/supervisor and submitted on CPE Tracker at least two weeks prior to the date of the conference/workshop.

  1. Log in to CPE Tracker

  2. Click on Add CPE Event. In the Provider box select the entity providing the Conference (DO NOT USE ANY * PROVIDERS) Use Salisbury Independent Study as the provider for curriculum work or any event not posted on the Registration screen. If the provider is not listed without an *, then use Salisbury Independent Study.

  3. In the Event Name box type in the Conference/Workshop Title

  4. In Event Type select the type from the drop down menu

  5. In Event Description choose appropriate description of the event

  6. Complete all other fields marked with the *

  7. Pre-Approval box MUST be checked

  8. Act48 hours/credits box – indicate the total number of hours requested for Act 48 credit

  9. Display As drop down box – select hours

  10. In the Flex (professional development) Hours box indicate the total number of hours requested for Professional Development hours credit

  11. Do not complete the lower portion of the form at this time

  12. Click Submit. A message that your request was successfully submitted should appear

  13. Click Continue to return to your Current Information Screen

After you have attended the conference

  1. Resubmit the conference for final approval

  2. Login to CPE Tracker

  3. Under Attendance Information in Event Name column click on the name of your completed conference

  4. Uncheck box “check this box if you submitted…”

  5. Check box for Requirements All Met - or - if leaving blank give a reason

  6. Adjust the number of Act 48 hours or Flex Hours as necessary

  7. Indicate grade earned if appropriate

  8. Click Submit

  9. Log out of CPE Tracker

  10. Submit Post-Conference Report

  11. Send a copy of certificate of attendance (if available) to Assistant Superintendent’s Office.