Insurance Information

The District is self-insuring for all devices. All students are encouraged to pay the device insurance fee.

The yearly insurance premium fee for the 2023-2024 school year is $30 per student for laptop devices (Grades 5-12), and $15 per student for iPad devices (Grades K-4). The deductible fees for the 2023-2024 school year will be $30 for damage and a $250 deductible for theft or loss. The deductible is charged for each incident and is in addition to the insurance premium. 

The following scenarios are provided to help students/parents/guardians better understand the financial obligation associated with device insurance claims. This is a sample list and in no way represents a complete list of possible scenarios.


* Uninsured Cost

Cracked Screen


Logic Board


Hard Drive


Top Case


iPad Replacement


*Uninsured costs listed are actual current part cost and subject to change at any time. 

Payment of the insurance premium is required within one week of the issuance of the device. Parents/guardians/students must bring a check (cash is acceptable but not recommended) payable to (Salisbury Township School District) to school. For families with more than one student in the same school, please use a separate check for each student to pay the insurance premium. If a student does not have device insurance and the device is lost, stolen or damaged while in that student’s control, in school or off campus, the District reserves the right to hold the parents/guardians responsible for full replacement or repair cost.

Parents may not substitute homeowner or other personal insurance for District device insurance.


  • Damage – Pays for damage to the laptop computer on school property or at another location such as home.

  • Accidental Damage – Pays for accidental damage caused by liquid spills, drops, falls and collisions.

  • Theft – Pays for loss or damage of the laptop computer due to theft. This claim requires an official copy of the local police report.

  • Fire – Pays for loss or damage of the laptop computer due to fire. The claim requires an official copy of the local fire company report.

  • Electrical Surge – Pays for damage to the device due to an electrical surge.

  • Natural Disasters – Pays for loss caused by a natural disaster.


  • Dishonest, Fraudulent, Intentional or Criminal Acts – Insurance will not cover damages or loss due to dishonest, fraudulent, intentional or criminal acts.

  • Vandalism – Insurance will not cover damage or loss due to vandalism while in the student’s possession.

The District reserves the right for final determination of insurance claims.