Salisbury Education Foundation

What is the Salisbury Education Foundation?

The focus of the Salisbury Education Foundation is to provide funds for programs that enhance the educational experience to help students live up to the Salisbury Township School District vision to Inspire, Think, Learn, Grow… Together. The Salisbury Education Foundation was formed in June, 1998.

The mission of SEF is to support educational enrichment and enhancement of programs for the benefit of the students in the Salisbury Township School District.

What does the Salisbury Education Foundation do with its money?

1. Since its inception, the SEF has provided mini-grants (up to $500) to teachers for innovative projects.

Examples of funded projects include:

  • Integrating Technology into the Curriculum with a Digital Camera

  • Multi-Media Artist Reports

  • Glitterbug Handwashing Training Series

  • Salisbury Middle School After-School Program

  • Integrating Technology into the Curriculum with a Color Printer/Scanner

  • Guided Reading

2. Salisbury Education Foundation Annual Scholarship(s)

  • Two scholarship awards in the amount of $100 are given at the annual Salisbury High School Academic Awards ceremony.

  • The student must be graduating seniors who are in good academic standing who plan to attend a post-secondary institution.

  • The student should be involved in a community service organization and/or athletics/extra-curricular activities and should display leadership.

3. Funding for Special Projects


  • SEF donated $500 to the HST Playground Fund

  • SEF paid approximately $1100 for transportation for WSE students for trip to Baltimore

  • SEF donated toward the Turf Project

How can I donate to the Salisbury Education Foundation?

SEF is a non-profit 501c3 organization. All donations are tax deductible. (Donors may give to UnitedWay and designate the SEF as the gift recipient.) If you are interested in submitting a donation to the SEF, please send a check made payable to the Salisbury Education Foundation (SEF) to Salisbury Township School District, 1140 Salisbury Road, Allentown, PA 18103.

Current Members of the Foundation

Becky Glenister
Joyce Gibbs

How can I get involved? What is the time commitment?

If you are interested in getting involved in the SEF, please contact Mrs. Fuini-Hetten at The SEF will meet four times per year for approximately an hour, with sub-committees meeting on as needed basis.