Gifted Education


Salisbury Elementary School

Ms. Jane Brennan

Mrs. Kaitlyn Kolasensky

Salisbury Middle School

Mrs. Becky Christman

Salisbury High School

Mrs. Katie Neumann


Every child is unique and learns in different ways. We believe all students learn best in an environment that reflects and encourages a respect for human differences and when...

  • All educational relationships are collaborative and mutually respectful;

  • Educators are passionately involved in what they teach;

  • Schools provide a safe and secure environment;

  • There is a shared responsibility for excellence in learning among students, parents, educational staff, and community;

  • All students are academically challenged, inspired to grow socially and emotionally, and encouraged to develop a healthy lifestyle;

  • Education is valued as a lifelong process;

  • We incorporate and effectively utilize all available resources (technological, human, financial) to enhance and stimulate learning.

Since your child has been identified as mentally gifted and in need of special education, his/her educational needs will be guided by a written Gifted Individualized Educational Program (GIEP). Your knowledge of your child is both long term and broad-based. This unique perspective equips you to serve as your child's on-going educational advocate. To effectively fill this role, your perceptions must be combined with information on available services, and an understanding of the function of a GIEP.

The GIEP conference is a forum for discussion of your child's educational needs. The GIEP is meant to be a working document; your input is an important part of its development.


Salisbury Township School District's Special Education Staff and Administration