About Elementary Curriculum

Salisbury Elementary School serves students in Kindergarten through 4th Grade. Our curriculum is designed to nurture the whole child through rigorous academics, robust social and emotional learning opportunities, and a full complement of specials including music, art, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), physical education, and library.

English Language Arts

The curriculum reflects the most current understanding on the best way to teach reading and writing. Our teachers leverage the science of reading to develop strong foundational skills and a deep love of literature and informational texts. Core resources include:

Fundations (K-2) builds the foundations of reading with structured phonics, spelling, and handwriting.

Wit and Wisdom, is a research-based, highly rated English language arts curriculum.

The program integrates science and social studies with four themed modules in each grade. Throughout each module, students engage with high-quality, award-winning, authentic literature.

Each module is crafted to help students build the knowledge and skills they need to be successful readers, exceptional writers, and effective communicators.


1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade


The curriculum is designed to reduce gaps in student learning, instill persistence in problem solving, and prepare students to understand advanced math.

Eureka Math is highly rated by independent evaluators. The curriculum carefully sequences mathematical progressions in expertly crafted modules, making math a joy to teach and learn.

Zearn Math is an engaging online math instruction that corresponds to Eureka Math lessons taught by the teacher in class.


1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

Card Games

These Eureka Math card games are intended to help build fluency in math in a fun and engaging way. Here you will find the rules and instructions for a wide range of mathematics skills games using the Eureka Math deck or any standard deck of playing cards. 

Download games here.

Social Studies

Social studies provides the foundation for civic engagement. Topics are studied both within the integrated English Language Arts program and as stand-alone units. History, geography, civics, and community and culture are emphasized.


Understanding the world and how it works builds curiosity and purpose. Science topics are studied both within the integrated English Language Arts program as well as stand-alone units.

Social Emotional Learning

Salisbury Elementary has been a Leader in Me School for over ten years.

Leader in Me is an evidence-based, comprehensive model that builds leadership and life skills in students, creates a high-trust school culture, and lays the foundation for sustained academic achievement.

Leader in Me combined with positive behavior routines, SEL groups, and monthly guidance lessons fosters a positive school culture and builds.


All learners have a special each day on a five day rotation. They learn to love books, draw, paint, make music, code devices, basic engineering, maintain a healthy body. Fourth graders also have an opportunity to learn an instrument in our after school program.

Library STEM Art Music Physical Education

Intervention and Support Services

At Salisbury Elementary we believe all children are capable of learning and leading at high levels! We have an array of support services to help learners overcome challenges including math and reading intervention, English as a Second Language, speech, and special education services! We also have an excellent guidance staff, district school social worker, and gifted support!