Peer Mediation Program

The Peer Mediation Program is designed to reach out to students who are struggling to resolve conflicts with their peers through the use of a peer-helping-peer model. Students are selected to become peer mediators based upon recommendations from teachers, guidance counselors, and administrators. These candidates engage in a rigorous one-day training focused on providing an understanding of the peer mediation model, goals, and guidelines.

The peer mediation process begins with an initial referral made by any person. If a conflict among students indicates an imminent risk of danger or a threat to the safety and welfare of our students, the issue will be immediately reported for administrative intervention and will not be processed by the peer mediation team. Once a referral is initiated, consent to engage in the peer mediation process will be requested from both students engaged in conflict and is necessary for the process to continue. The parties involved in a conflict will meet with a team of two peer mediators and dedicate themselves to developing a plan to resolve the presented conflict. All parties involved in a mediation session must commit to maintaining the confidentiality of any information disclosed in the session unless that information poses imminent danger or risk.

The ability to meet with age-related peers and receive guidance toward conflict resolution will undoubtedly provide an increased comfort level in an otherwise stressful time, thereby assisting us in meeting our goals of student safety and achievement.

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