Communicable Illnesses

A child will be excluded from school if it is suspected that he/she has a communicable condition. This includes certain skin rashes, pink eye, impetigo, scabies, strep throat, etc. If excluded, your child must present written permission from the examining physician for re-entry to school for certain conditions.

Chicken Pox:
Period of exclusion from school: 5 days from the last crop of vesicles and/or all vesicles are dry & crusted. No physician note needed for re-entry.

Scarlet Fever & Strep Throat Infection:
Not less than 7 days from onset if not under physician care OR 24 hours after initiation of antibiotic therapy if under the care of a physician

Impetigo, Scabies, Ringworm:
Until treated
and judged non-infectious by family physician. Must return with a note from doctor permitting re-entry.

Conjuctivitis (pinkeye):24 hours after initiation of therapy, no visible crusts or drainage, & judged noninfectious by family physician with a note from the doctor permitting re-entry.

Pediculosis (Lice):
Until treated with an appropriate shampoo, and all nits (eggs) are removed. No physician note needed for re-entry to school. However, student must be examined by health room staff before returning to class or riding the bus to school.