Salisbury Township School District, located in the Lehigh Valley, has 257 staff members who work to create an exceptional educational experience for the District's 1600 students. Salisbury has a reputation of providing a solid education within a small setting; the District's actions over the past several years, framed by development of its strategic plan, continue to validate that reputation. Although the majority of the students pursue higher education, the District is committed to providing superior academic and technical instruction for all members of its diverse student body. The District seeks to create a quality educational environment, which is student-centered, based on high expectations, and contributes to the development of long-term learners.

During the 2015-16 school year, we in the Salisbury Township School District engaged stakeholders in a year-long visioning process driven by two questions:

  1. What are the skills, knowledge/literacies and dispositions our graduates will need to be successful?

  2. What kinds of learning environments will best foster the development of these competencies and qualities?

We engaged with groups of stakeholders across the year and in different ways. Learn more about our process at www.salisburysd.us.

Experts and thought leaders were also engaged in conversations around educational innovations through our co-hosted podcast www.tltalkradio.org. Over the course of the year, we interviewed 35 experts and tapped into their wisdom, informing conversations with stakeholders and the final outcome of the visioning work.

Outcome of the Process
The final products of this work - our organizational vision for learning in the classroom - are the attached Profile of a Graduate and Beliefs About Learning.

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Lynn Fuini-Hetten, Superintendent