Private Party Invitations: Invitations for private parties may not be given out during the school day unless the entire class is invited.

Due to our primary concern for student safety and the increase in food allergies among children, it is necessary for us to issue the following parameters for classroom celebrations.

Birthday Parties: Food treats for birthday celebrations are not permitted. If you would like to celebrate a child’s birthday, we encourage you to consider non-edible items such as stickers, crayons, pencils, pencil toppers and bookmarks.

Classroom Parties (Halloween, Winter Holiday, Valentine’s Day): Due to allergy concerns, no snacks containing nuts or nut oils are permitted. Only fruit, vegetables and pre-packaged items in the original packaging with the ingredients clearly listed are permitted. Neither home baked nor baked goods made by a grocery store are acceptable for classroom parties. The classroom teachers and school nurse will be responsible for monitoring ingredient labels of prepackaged food. Classroom teachers, in coordination with the school nurse and principal, will generate a list of acceptable pre-packaged items considerate of particular known allergies of students in the classroom.

Generally acceptable party treats include:

DoritosKellogg’s Special K Bars Frito Lay Tostito Scoops
Jello PuddingFruit Snacks Keebler Fudge Stripes
CombosGum String Cheese
Quaker Rice CakesChex Mix (cheddar) Fruit Roll Ups
Oreo CookiesSlim Jims Chester's Puffcorn
TwizzlersSkittles Air Heads
PeepsRolos Gummy Lifesavers
Swedish FishRitz Crackers (original) Pop Tarts without peanut butter
Kraft MarshmallowsStarbursts Snyder's Pretzel Logs
Good’s Super Thin Pretzel SticksRice Krispies Treats (pre-packaged) Herr's Extra Thin Pretzel Sticks
Fruits and Vegetables (pre-packaged/bulk)Commercially packaged popcorn (not popped in peanut oil) Just Born Jellybeans (made in Bethlehem)
Hershey’s Bars Milk & Dark Bars and Kisses (no nut or variety packs)Candy Corn (Coastal Bay brand only) Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers (original or cheddar)
Barnum Animal CrackersHard Candy (Dum Dum pops, Nerds, SweetTarts, Lifesavers, etc) Chips Ahoy Cookies (original)
VitaCost Veggie Chips Pirate Booty
Just Born Candy Hearts (made in Bethlehem) Enjoy Life Foods Brand -available at Giant, CVS, Wegmans, Whole FoodsFree2BFoods - available at Wegmans and Whole Foods
MadeGoodFoods - available at Wegmans, Whole Foods, Giant, WalmartLofthouseCookies - available at Giant and SuperfoodsBrothers All Natural Fruit Crisps
VitaCost Veggie Straws/SticksHarvest Snaps