Requesting Homework


According to the Salisbury Middle School Student Handbook:

If this absence is less than 3 school days, the student is responsible to collect missed class work before the planned absence. If the absence is 3 days or longer, the request will be forwarded to the Guidance Department. The Guidance Department will issue a class work form to the student’s teacher. The student will be responsible to complete the work that will be missed, and return the work on the day the student returns to school. In order to be given credit for work missed, all class work that has been assigned is to be completed. All work must be completed and turned in the day the student returns to school. The student is responsible for scheduling and making up all tests and quizzes upon his/her return.

For requests for homework during absences exceeding 3 days, please contact our guidance secretary, Janice Zellin, at (610)791-0830 ext. 3530 or via email at