Mrs. Diane Kasaczun is the Instructional Support Teacher at Harry S Truman Elementary School.

The role of the support teacher is to help coordinate, collaborate, and assist the school staff in meeting the specific instructional needs of students who may be experiencing difficulties within the regular classroom programs.

The Instructional Support Team (IST) is a program whose goals are to maximize individual student success while at the same time serving as a screening process for students who may be in need of special education services. IST maximizes the teaching resources within the school in a systematic search for what works. Specific assessment and intervention techniques are used to help remove the educational or behavioral stumbling blocks for students. At the core of the process is the belief that all students can learn and that all students matter.

If your child is experiencing academic or behavioral problems they may be a candidate for IST. Parents are encouraged to contact Mrs. Kasaczun to participate as members of the IST team for their child. 

Mrs. Kasaczun