New Users: If you are new to the Community Portal, please follow the instructions below. You will first need to create a login/password for yourself and register for a PIN in order to access the Portal website. (Accounts may be shared by parents/guardians or individual accounts may be established.) Please complete the following steps: 

  1. Click here or visit https://bit.ly/2LyGB8H and click on Create a Web Portal Account.
  2. You will be prompted for the district keyword. The keyword is salisbury
  3. Read and agree to the Community Web Portal User Agreement, making sure to select Parent account from the dropdown.
  4. Complete the form, taking special care to include all required information.
  5. A notification email along with directions containing a District-generated personal identification number (PIN) will be emailed to you shortly after the form is received and your access has been approved. Once you receive your unique PIN, you may access the Portal at this address: https://bit.ly/2LyGB8H.

Previous Users: Please continue to use your login credentials if you previously accessed the Community Portal. If you are adding students to an existing account do not apply for another account. After logging in, click on your name at the top right of the screen, select Students, and then select Click to Request Access to Other Students. If you require your login information again, please visit the Community Portal here and click on “Forgot your password?” If you are unable to get past this screen, please contact Mrs. Mary Bishop via email mbishop@salisburysd.org.

If you have further questions regarding the use of the Community Portal, please contact Mrs. Mary Bishop at mbishop@salisburysd.org.