The administration and faculty of Salisbury High School is dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of our student population. In an effort to accomplish this goal, we have developed and implemented three programs that are designed to assist students in overcoming a variety of potential barriers to education, thereby affording each student the opportunity for academic, emotional, and social growth.

While we consistently strive to meet the needs of our students through ongoing monitoring of programs offered, research and training in best practices, and consistent daily contact with our students, we are fully conscious of the invaluable contribution that parents, guardians, and community members provide toward supporting these efforts. It is only through a collaborative relationship between students, parents, guardians, administration, and faculty that our efforts to provide outstanding student services may reach their fullest potential.

We would like to give you a warm welcome and thank you for your interest in learning more about our Student Services programs. Please feel free to contact our guidance department if you have questions about SAP, Child Study, or Peer Mediation. 

Anyone can click here to make a referral for Student Services.