Hello and welcome to Western Salisbury Elementary School! Our community of students, parents and staff are dedicated to learning and growing together so that we may help our children become responsible citizens of the twenty-first century.
    Western Salisbury Elementary School serves approximately 225 students in grades K-5. We are located in a residential neighborhood and share a campus with the Salisbury Township School District Middle School. Our mascot is the falcon, a symbol of intelligence and pride, which we cultivate in our students. Our colors are blue and white, representative of the trustworthiness and goodness we strive to develop in our children.

    Our school uses the Responsive Classroom approach to develop positive classroom and school climates. Daily class meetings focus on communication and collaboration to foster supportive relationships among peers. Our School-wide Behavior Plan provides both positive reinforcement and appropriate consequences. We have also adopted the Leader in Me model for personal growth and school behavior. This child friendly approach is based on the work of Sean Covey and strives to provide all students with the leadership skills needed for the 21st century and opportunities to practice them in a nurturing environment. For more information see our WSE Leader in Me website tab.

    In our core academic program we offer literacy and numeracy instruction, as well as vocal and instrumental music, physical education, library and computer sciences, social studies, science and art classes. Our staff is highly qualified and utilizes research-based best practices. The nurturing environment at Western ensures that all children will succeed. Students are supported as needed through a variety of services including intervention support for at-risk students, special education programs, speech and language therapy, occupational and physical therapy, English as a second language classes, and classes for identified gifted students. The services of a certified school nurse, guidance counselor, reading specialist, instructional specialist, and school psychologist are available as needed. Technology supports such as student laptops and Smart Boards are integral to our programming. Students participate in a variety of extra-curricular programs such as concerts, educational trips, curriculum celebrations, field day, and assemblies.
    Our active Parent Teacher Association provides resource support, volunteer assistance and community connections which enhance our programs and for which we are very appreciative.
    If you would like to visit or have questions about our school, please feel free to contact us at 610-797-1688.

    (Mrs.) Grace Hartman, Principal
    Western Salisbury Elementary School
    3201 Devonshire Road
    Allentown, PA 18103
    Phone: 610-797-1688