Welcome to Physical Education

Mr. Ludwig

Mission Statement 

To establish an overall wellness lifestyle that includes mental, emotional, physical and social well-being in our students.

Wellness and fitness classes are planned with a definite goal to improve motor skills and fitness. Classes are designed to be developmentally appropriate, to have maximum participation and no elimination. Students are encouraged to do their best in each activity regardless of whether they are working alone, in pairs, in groups or in teams. Emphasis is on cooperation and teamwork.
As a physical education teacher, I try to have a positive influence on the students with the hope that they will continue to be active outside of school and through out their lives.

Field days are held in the month of May. Grades one and two have specific activity stations that are set up for them. The classes move from station to station until they are completely finished. Parent volunteers come in and direct all the stations for grades three and four. There are always more stations set up than there are classes, so when a class is done with one station, they can move to any other station that is open. Field Days are great because everyone participates, has fun and learns to enjoy sports without emphasis on winning.