Welcome to Music

Mrs. Gaston


To provide the skills for students to develop the potential to enjoy, appreciate, perform, and create music throughout their lives.

All students in grades one through five receive one forty-five minute period of musical instruction per week. The curriculum, based on the latest Pennsylvania State Standards, introduces the elements of melody, harmony, rhythm, form, tone color, and expression. Activities include singing songs, playing rhythm band and Orff instruments, listening and responding to live and recorded music , and interpreting basic symbols.

Recorder instruction is included in the third grade music program.

All grade levels have the opportunity to participate in an evening choral performance each year. Check the school's calendar for the dates.

All fourth and fifth graders are invited to sing in the school's chorus. Rehearsals run from 3:15 P.M. to 4:00 P.M. once a week. An adult must provide transportation at the end of each rehearsal.