The Guidance Department at Salisbury Middle School is dedicated to the mission of providing comprehensive and developmentally appropriate school counseling services focused on the academic, career, and social/personal development of all students in our school community. School counselors assume the critical role as student advocates to advance students' interests in achievement across these domains, while providing supportive interventions to students in meeting the challenges of this critical developmental period. In partnership with the teachers and administrators of Salisbury Middle School, and other stakeholders in the child's education to include parents or guardians and the community at large, it is our strongest desire to develop a support system that ensures all students of Salisbury Middle School have access to the knowledge and skills necessary for future success. In doing so, the Guidance Department of Salisbury Middle School and all involved stakeholders support the Salisbury Township School District's mission to:

Inspire, Think, Learn, Grow...Together!

Please familiarize yourself with our website as a valuable resource to navigating the Salisbury Middle School community. If you have further questions regarding our school counseling program, please contact the Guidance Department at (610) 791-0830 extension 3530.

Mr. Michael Dorward continues his service in the Salisbury Township School District in a new role, after serving as an Emotional Support Interventionist at Salisbury High School. Mr. Dorward joins the Salisbury Middle School staff as a full-time counselor for all sixth through eighth grade students. Mr. Dorward earned his Bachelor’s degree at the University of Delaware and his Master’s degree in School Counseling at Messiah College. Upon completing his Master’s degree program, Mr. Dorward successfully met the criteria to become a nationally certified counselor through the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC). During his employment with the district, Mr. Dorward served as a Therapeutic Support Staff member for the Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit #21 for 10 years on a part-time basis. Prior to joining the district, Mr. Dorward was employed full-time with the Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit for 4 years as a Mental Health Counselor in a school-based partial hospitalization program and 4 years as an Emotional Support Interventionist. Mr. Dorward was also employed by KidsPeace National Hospital and National Centers for Kids in Crisis as a Child Care Counselor in their psychiatric hospital and residential centers. Mr. Dorward welcomes the opportunities in his expanded role to further develop a comprehensive guidance program that attends to the diverse needs of the Salisbury Middle School population and the community at-large. 

Mr. Michael Dorward