Welcome to the Harry S Truman Guidance Department. My name is Cyndee Hill-Boddie, and I am your child's school counselor. I work with all students in our school grades K-5. I have been a counselor at HST since 2011. As the school counselor, my job is to support the academic, personal/social, and career development goals of students. Elementary school counselors support students through individual counseling, group counseling, developmentally appropriate classroom guidance lessons, and school-wide programs. School counselors also support students through consultation and collaboration with teachers, parents/guardians, administrators, and other school staff.

Students are able to request guidance services when they need help in working out a problem. Teachers or other school staff may also make a referral when they see students struggling with an issue and/or they have not responded to classroom interventions. As a parent or guardian, you may refer your child for guidance services if you have concerns regarding academics, organization, social/friendship issues, behavior issues, or specific family challenges such as separation/divorce, a death, discipline issues, etc. If the scope of the problem is too intrusive on the school setting, a referral can be made for outside services. Most friendship or minor behavior problems are able to be worked out solely between the student and myself. If bigger issues arise or the child requests it, notification to parents will be made as well. The confidentiality of sensitive information is always a top priority.

Guidance services at Harry S. Truman are available to all students and their parents/guardians. Please feel free to contact me if you have a question or a concern. I look forward to working with you to support the growth of your child. You may contact me at 610-791-2800, ext. 4549, or via e-mail: chill@salisburysd.org I look forward to working with your children!

Cyndee Hill-Boddie, MA

Elementary School Counselor
610-791-2800, ext. 4549
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