Welcome to Third Grade

Hello future third grade students. This is a list to help you and your parents when shopping for school supplies for next year. 

Required Supplies for Third Grade: 

Soft pouch pencil case1
Pencils (sharpened)6
Glue sticks - large2
Crayons (no larger than 24 count) 1
Blunt scissors1
Small box of colored pencils1
Dry Erase Markers2

Each child should bring a water bottle. 

Note: Please do not overstock supplies at the beginning of the year. Check at the end each marking trimester with your child to see what supplies need to be replenished. Your cooperation and attention to this list is greatly appreciated. We look forward to a wonderful year! 

Thank you, 

Third grade teachers

Let Me Be A Child

Reminder for Loving Parents

Let me know when I make
you proud. And help me to
have pride in my own

Let me earn your trust. Then
trust me. I won't let you down.

Let me try my wings. If I fall,
let me know it's OK. And encourage
me to try again.

Let me know you love me. With a
hug. Or a pat on the back. Or, when I
need it, with a firm, but gentle "No."

Let me be me. Let me change. Let
me grow.

Let me tell you when I'm feeling bad.
Or angry. Even at you. And let me
know that even on my worst days, you
still like me.

Let me dream. Share my joy when
my dreams come true. Share my tears
when they don't.

Let me feel secure in my home. Help
me realize that love is always
there...that I can depend on you no
matter what.

Let me run...let me laugh...let me play.
And most of all LET ME BE A CHILD.