Please don't feel obligated to participate in all fundraiser, do which ones work for your family.

Kid Stuff Books & Save Around Town--this sale has now come to an end

Dan Schantz Greenhouse the "Monthly Madness Card" Fundraiser--this sale has now come to an end

Holiday Gift Cards--this sale has now come to an end

Matey's Frozen Pizza Sale--this sale has now ended.

Spring Gift Card Fundraiser

Perkins Pie Fundraiser--this sale has now ended

Spring Craft Fair & Vendor Sale--Sat. Apr. 27--9am - 1pm, in the Truman Gym. Food & Bake Sale, Basket Raffle & 50-50 Raffle. Admission is $2.00

Mother's Day Flower Sale

Color-A-Thon--Event held at Western Elementary School, 3201 Devonshire Road, Allentown 18103. Registration is 5:30-6:15. The 1/2 mile run starts at 6:30. Spring Fling to follow the color-a-thon from 7pm - dark!!

Dine & Donate Events--Dec. Copperhead, Jan. Magia, Feb. Perkins, Mar. Taps Tavern , Apr. 18 Queen City BBQ 27 N. 7th St. Allentown

By simply signing up your store card or sending in the requested material our school gets money or items for the children to enjoy. Log on to Giant A+ Program Enter your information: put our school ID 23474 & click designate school OR send in a note to the PTO with your Last Name, 11 digit Bonus Card # and Telephone # and we will do the work for you. Please know that signing up will NOT effect your bonus card gas points or reward certificates.

Request a Save-a-Tape card at the service center then make sure they scan it every shopping trip. Save your receipts and send them in with your child to school addressed to the HST PTO. We MUST have the entire receipt to get credit.

You can find these on all kinds of products. Clip and send them into us, Mr. Brem fills the Truman Treasure Room with funds earned.