To enroll a student at Western Salisbury Elementary School you will need to call the school office secretary at 610-797-1688 to schedule an appointment. Appointments are necessary for the registration process. Appointments are scheduled for Monday to Friday 9:00-2:00pm.

If you wish to fill out the Student enrollment form ahead of time you will find it here.

When you come for your scheduled appointment you will need to bring the following items with you:

1. Copy of the child's immunization record from the doctor

2. Birth Certificate (original)

3. Moving permit (obtained from Salisbury Township 610-797-4000/ Website

4. Along with the required moving permit. 2 of the following documents are required as proof of residency:

    • Current PA Driver's license OR vehicle registration
    • Current Utility Bill (water, sewage, heat, oil, electricity)
    • Current bank statement
    • Current W2 or W4
    • Current Lease or Sales contract for permanent residence
    • Current Federal, state or local tax document showing address (from taxing agency - not blank form completed by resident)
    • Current Pay stub with address of Employee and employer
    • Current Medical, state or federal benefits document showing address (medical insurance, social security, unemployment etc.