Students and their parents/guardians can now complete all forms except for the actual physical form on-line at www.planeths.com. The physical form and a completed health history form should be taken to an approved medical care provider when the physical will occur. Upon completion, the physical form (PIAA section 6 form) should be uploaded to the student's PlanetHS account. Please complete section 5 electronically in the student's PlanetHS account.

Students will need to establish accounts at PlanetHS and then parents/guardians can connect to those accounts. Parents/guardians may establish accounts for students 13 and under.

The items below will help you to get started.

A PlanetHS Parent/Student guide youtube video

The PlanetHS Parent and Student Getting Started letter

The PlanetHS Salisbury Kickoff letter

The PIAA Physical Form (Section 6)

The PIAA Health History Form (Section 5)

Go to www.planeths.com to register.

St. Luke's will be hosting FREE athletic physicals to student athletes on the following dates @ Coca Cola Park:

  • Saturday, July 11th from 9 AM to 2:30 PM (more spots are now available)
  • Monday, July 27th from 2 PM to 8 PM (new date)

Athletes must pre-register here and bring their completed PIAA form (sections 5 and 6) with them. This event is rain or shine.

Visit the link below! Register ASAP!


You can also take your child to your family doctor or an approved medial care professional.

Fall/Winter/Spring athletes may schedule a physical at Coca Cola Park. Salisbury marching band members and twirlers also may schedule physicals at Coca Cola Park. Please bring a completed PIAA Section 5 form and a PIAA Section 6 form (complete the top only) to physicals.

Students may also receive a physical from their family physician or other another approved health care provider.

SMS/SHS Fall Athletics (Not for Salisbury Youth Association)

Fall SHS football practice begins on 8/10.
Fall SMS football practice begins on 8/17.

For more information on Salisbury MS or HS football and to get on the email list, please email varsity football coach Andy Cerco at acerco@salisburysd.org.
SMS/SHS students in grades 7-12 may play football.

Cheerleading, Cross Country, Boys Soccer, Field Hockey, Golf, Girls Soccer and Girls Tennis begin on 8/17.
Contact information for coaches is below.

Cheerleading (grades 7-12) Paula Douris - pdouris@salisburysd.org
Cross Country (grades 7-12) Terry Bruns - tbruns@salisburysd.org
Field Hockey (grades 7-12) Jane Brennan - jbrennan@salisburysd.org
Boys Soccer (grades 9-12) Mark Allinson - mallinson@salisburysd.org
Girls Soccer (grades 9-12) Rick Babyak - rjbb@dhuy.com
Girls Tennis (grades 9-12) Rob Benson - forehand18088@yahoo.com
Golf (grades 9-12) Gregg Laub - glaub@salisburysd.org
Marching Band (grades 7-12) Angela Mosley - amosley@salisburysd.org
Twirling (grades 6-12) Lynn Unger - ljunger@salisburysd.org

Please join a fall sport or be a fall sport team manager. The more, the merrier!

Any questions, please email Director of Student Activities Monica Deeb at mdeeb@salisburysd.org or Administrative Assistant for Athletics and Student Activities Cherie Pennella at cpennella@salisburysd.org.