In order to provide for the safe and efficient arrival and dismissal of students, we ask for your compliance with the following guidelines:

The deadline for notifying the school office of dismissal changes for the same day is 2:30PM

If you need to take your child out of school early, send a note in prior to picking up your child. This will help the staff have your child prepared for when you arrive.

If your child is going home with another student the office staff will need a note from both of the student's parents.

In the morning, please enter the parking lot in a single file line of cars. Do not attempt to form a second row or get out of line in order to go around other cars so that you can exit the lot faster. This is an extremely unsafe practice, and student safety our utmost concern. Volunteer parents will be present to assist your children out of the cars and to keep the traffic moving.

Please drop off your children and immediately proceed forward so that the next car may do the same. Your child will be assisted by the crossing guard in crossing the bus lane. Please do not idle in the line of vehicles to watch your child go up the walk into the school.

Any child(ren) on school grounds before 8:30a.m. need to be supervised by a parent or guardian. Students arriving before 8:30a.m. for a special event may be dropped off at the main entrance (where they will be met by the staff member who has arranged the event).

Any family member arriving to pick up their child as a car rider will report directly to the cafeteria doors, where they will be greeted by a staff member. A staff member at that set of doors will verify that each person picking up a student is authorized by the parent/guardian to do so. This may require checking IDs, especially if the individual does not normally pick up your student.

After verification of identity, Parents/Guardians of Car Riders will enter the cafeteria to meet their student at the designated table (organized by grade level), sign their student out on the sign out sheet, and hand the sheet to the staff member at the exit door.

After completing the sign out process, any student, parent, or guardian that needs to re-enter the building to use the restroom, pick up forgotten items, etc. must go to the main doors to buzz in. You will also be required to sign in at the main office.

Please use the walkways upon leaving the building. Individuals may not walk across the bus parking lot or bus lane without using the designated crosswalk, where the crossing guard is present.

Please cross only at the crosswalk when crossing the bus lane to and from the parking lot.

Please exit through the main parking area. Do not exit by way of the back of the school building through the Administration Building lot. Salisbury students are often walking in these areas.

In order for us to ensure the safety and well being of all students, we need the cooperation of all parents. Please help us facilitate a safe and orderly arrival and dismissal. We thank you for your cooperation with these guidelines.

Kindergarten/First Grade dismissal