• Mrs. Yaglowski handles all planned absence requests.  Please contact her with any questions about your trip.  The link below will provide you with the district form.  When planning your trip please remember that students in grades 3-5 take the PSSA test during the April month.  


    610-791-2800 ext 4502

    Mrs. Yaglowski's Email


    Planned Absence Paperwork

    Planned Absences for Vacation/Educational Trip

    Requests for a planned absence must be made in writing at least two​ weeks​ prior to the absence. Planned
    Absence Request forms are available in the office and on Harry S Truman Elementary School’s website.
    Administrator approval is required for planned absences. Requests must be submitted at least two weeks in
    advance so that the teacher can make necessary preparations to provide you with the academic material that will
    be covered while on vacation. A letter of permission will then be granted by the principal in writing, after careful
    consideration of student attendance and academic standing. If approved, the student will be responsible to
    complete work that will be missed during his/her absence. The number of planned absences will be determined by
    the administration. These pre-approved absences will be counted towards the ten (10) days as previously stated in
    the above Frequent Absences section.
    Also, check the Salisbury Township School District Calendar every year for the week of Standardized Testing
    before scheduling any family trips so you can give your child the opportunity to take the assessment in an
    atmosphere most conducive for testing with his/her classmates.