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Mrs. Kasaczun

Welcome Everyone!

My name is Diane Kasaczun. I have been teaching in the Salisbury Township School District since 1990. Prior to the 2013-2014 School Year, I was a learning support teacher. I have worked with Kindergarten through 9th grade students during my time as a learning support teacher. The majority of my years have been with fourth and fifth grade students. My position changed in 2013 and I am now a Comprehensive Support Teacher at Harry S Truman Elementary School.

The Comprehensive Support Teacher serves as part of the school’s leadership team.  I provide support in data analysis and professional development decision-making. I also provide Tier 2 and Tier 3 intervention services to students based on the needs reflected in the data.   Overall, the job of the Comprehensive Support Teacher is to support students to meet the learning and behavioral needs of all students.  This includes providing math intervention.

During the time that students are with us in math intervention, we differentiate instruction.  All students learn differently and have various areas of strength and need. These differences can be presented in:

  • readiness to learn
  • interests
  • motivation
  • styles of learning
  • experiences 
  • talents

These differences will impact:

  • what students need to learn
  • pace of learning
  • supports needed to learn.

In our classroom these differences are valued. Every child is unique; therefore, instruction is tailored to their individual levels and needs.

We provide a safe and caring community of learners. Explaining their answers and the processes they used to obtain those answers is more important than the answer itself. That is why it is important for us to provide a place where students can raise their hand and feel comfortable enough to take a risk sharing his/her thinking even when he/she is unsure if he/she is correct. It is a place where contributing to your learning and that of others is strongly encouraged. Student voice is important.

The ultimate goal is for your child to succeed and feel confident in every effort he/she makes along his/her path of learning. 


Mission Statement:

I trust that my students want to learn, I'll shape opportunities for them to share their learning and create an environment of trust to learn from each other, where our differences together make us stronger, so the best in us all will shine!