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    Comprehensive Support/ Instructional Support

    The role of the Comprehensive Support Teacher is to help to coordinate tier 2 and tier 3 interventions for our struggling students. We help to facilitate Professional Development at our district and in our building to build our tier 1 instructional practices during core instruction, through coaching, in order to improve student achievement.

    Who is the Comprehensive Support Team

    The Comprehensive Support Team is comprised of the teacher, parent, Comprehensive Support Teacher, Guidance Counselor, Principal, School Psychologist or other related school personnel.  The team meets and reviews data to determine best strategies to help a child.  They brainstorm ideas together and put interventions in place based on the needs of the student. The team continues to collect data over time to see if the strategies and interventions are effective.  Parents are encouraged to contact Mrs. Merrill to participate as members of the Comprehensive Support Team for their child.



    MTSS is a decision making framework that considers all learners to make sure all students are getting the instruction needed and are making adequate growth.

    It is not a separate program, class or intervention but rather a way of organizing instruction and intervention to help all students. The goal of the multi-tiered framework is to provide high-quality instruction and supports based on student need. There are 3 tiers of instruction:

     Levels of intensity