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  • Mrs. Jennifer Kowalski 
    7th Grade Peregrine Team


    Welcome to exciting school year at Salisbury Middle School! My name is Mrs. Jennifer Kowalski and I am the 7th grade Learning Support teacher. I believe that open communication between all parties is essential in helping each student reach his/her maximum potential. Please feel free to contact me at anytime with concerns or questions you may have. 

    Classroom Rule: Respect                                        

    Homework & Grades: Homework is a construction of knowledge that is seen as a valuable resource for teaching. Homework is assigned for a multitude of reasons:

    • To see how well students understand lessons.It provides a purpose and is alligned with the goal of the lesson. 
    • To help students develope study habits, essential problem-solving skills, time management, and task endurance. 
    • To show parents what is being learned in school. 

    Homework is posted daily on the 7th Grade Peregrine homework site. Assignments are all posted on my board for all content areas.  

    A student’s average will be determined by a combination of tests, quizzes, projects, class work, homework, and a notebook. Parents and students can access progress through the Community Portal. The Community Portal provides up-to-date information pertaining to student grades, report cards, attendance and discipline. If secondary students and/or parents have not requested access or cannot remember their access information, they should visit Once access has been acquired, visit to check grades, report cards, attendance and discipline.

    MARKING SYSTEMStudents will receive both scholarship and attitude marks from each teacher with whom they have a class.  Scholarship marks represent achievement in subject matter.  Attitude marks indicate the manner in which students apply themselves and the degree to which students put forth effort.

    Scholarship marks will be based on a percentage determination with minimal passing grade of 70%.


    GRADING SYSTEM:   93-100 = Outstanding Achievement    85-92 = Above Average Achievement    77-84 = Average Achievement    70-76 = Fair, Improvement Needed, Passing

                                     Below 70    = Subject Failed               INC. = No Grade Issued 

    HONOR ROLL - A student must attain an overall average of 90% in the marking period in all numerical graded subjects with no grade lower than an 85% and no failure in subjects that receive letter grades.  Any incomplete appearing on the student’s report card at the time of tabulation will eliminate him/her from honor roll consideration, until the necessary work has been completed to establish a grade.  

    HIGH HONOR ROLL- A student must attain an overall average of 95% in the marking period in all numerical graded subjects with no grades lower than a 90% and no failure in subjects that receive letter grades.

    Absences: In the event of an absence, please refer to my Google Classroom for the days lesson. All class items that were distributed will also be posted. 


    .  advanced notice has been given on an assignment/assessment, the student will be required to submit and/or take the assessment upon their return.  Any student leaving for an appointment or athletic event shoud see me prior to dismissal to secure the necessary assignment(s). 


    HelpAdditional assistance is available across all content areas during period 1 (Activity Period) and/or period 9 (Study & Organization).  


    Contact:      610-791-0830 EXT. 3113