Mr. Cerco's Home Page - Special Education, Social Studies, Science

  • The following site is designed for Special Education students and parents at Salisbury High School.

    Courses covered:  
    Co-Taught American Cultures II, American Cultures I Mrs. Agnew-Turley & Mr. Cerco
    Co-Taught Intro to Biology Mrs. Basile & Mr. Cerco 
    Emotional Support English

    Special Education
    Visitors will find a list of resources linking them to websites related to special education services and differentiated instruction.  Additionally, there will be links and resources for study and organization aides to assist students being successful in the regular education environment, as well as, guidance resources and student services available at Salisbury High School.  Additionally, parent and student input forms are available for download in preparation for the development of Evaluation Reports, Re-evaluation Reports, and Individual Education Plans.  


    American Cultures II, American Cultures I, Intro to Biology, Emotional Support English