• My name is Aaron Yetter, and I am one of the art teachers for Salisbury High School.  Image of Pottery Making


    My Classes include:

    Drawing and Painting 1&2

    Sculptures and Ceramics 1&2

    Advanced Art (which can be taken several times as a portfolio builder)



    In my level 1 classes the main focus is formed around basic skills and technique, as well as experimenting with new materials/ mediums.

    In my level 2 classes the focus is based around higher level thinking and refinement of the skills and abilities they already posses.

    In Advanced Art there is a huge push towards the exploration of new artists & styles, the honing of self and abilities so we may learn who we are as artists, as well as the opportunity to create a college portfolio for furthering an arts career.  



    • Salisbury Alumni - Class of 2007
    • Kutztown University, Kutztown, PA 2007-2011
      • Art Education Degree 
      • Minor in Crafts / Concentration in Ceramics