District Goals 2015-16

  • District Goals

    Goal #1: Foster a safe, caring, responsive, inclusive school community that embraces diversity and ensures everyone is treated with dignity and respect. Specific points of emphasis include:
    • bullying prevention - Grade K-12
    • Leader in Me - Grade K-5
    • advisor/advisee programs - Grade 6-12

    Goal #2: Continue to provide meaningful and relevant professional development to deepen our knowledge and refine our instructional practice.  Specific points of emphasis include:

    Goal #3: Improve learning for all students through planned instruction that includes best instructional practices in order to realize the district vision.

    Goal #4: Further develop and sustain a culture of self-directed learning, innovative thinking and responsible risk taking for all students and staff.

    Goal #5: Increase the leadership capacity in students, teachers, support staff, and administrators.