• I am very excited to be the Superintendent in the Salisbury Township School District. Having been a member of the administrative team in various capacities since 2006, I know we have an excellent team of teachers, leaders and support staff who work hard to provide the best opportunities for the intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth and well-being of our students on a daily basis. The partnership we have with our families and our school board is key to our success. Salisbury would not be such a great school district without the collaboration of all these stakeholders.

    While I have worked here in Salisbury for quite some time, there may be community members who do not know me. Allow me to share a bit of my professional background. I started in Salisbury as the Director of Data and Technology, moving on to Assistant Superintendent and now Superintendent. Prior to working in Salisbury, I was employed in the East Penn School District as a music teacher and then as an Instructional Technology Specialist. I earned a B.Mus. degree from Moravian College, a MA from Teachers College, Columbia University and Doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania. I am curious and passionate about learning and all things concerning education. In addition to presenting locally and nationally, I share what I learn (and learn from others) regularly on Twitter and my blog.

    I'm excited about the possibilities and opportunities for this district, the future of our students, public education and learning in the 21st century. I look forward to working with the staff, students, parents and community to navigate our rapidly changing world in our quest to provide the best of possibilities for every one of our students and this community. 

    I've recently heard from several parents and staff members that Salisbury is a "hidden gem." There is much outstanding work going on in our schools academically, artistically and athletically. We will share our accomplishments and the many opportunities our students have to learn with the larger Salisbury community. To start, I'll be posting regularly on SalisburySD.US. and on TL2020.org, the blog for our Teaching and Learning 2020 initiative. Please subscribe to these blogs. By doing so, you'll receive notification when new information is posted. Other social media tools to follow include:

    I encourage our community to stay involved and engage with us through these digital tools according to our social media guidelines. I am looking forward to working with everyone as we build the future of Salisbury and our mission, Salisbury...Inspire, Think, Learn, Grow...Together!

    Randy Ziegenfuss, Ed.D. 


    Superintendent's Goals 2016-2017

    Goals (Time frame: August 2016-May 2017) 

    #1: Instruction: Teaching and Learning
    GOAL: Build capacity of stakeholders (school leaders, teachers, instructional assistants, parents and students) to realize the qualities in the Portrait of A Graduate and Belief Statements about Learning
    • Share vision with stakeholders (Opening Day Convocation, Open House presentations, Parent meetings)
    • Agendas which detail direct instruction for building leadership teams
    • Publicize Profile of a Graduate and Belief Statements about Learning sketchnotes through blog posts/presentations/student meetings
    • Develop resources for principals to use during building­level professional learning
    • Provide monthly verbal and/or written updates (at Board/Committee meetings and in Board communications) on the professional development and work of building leadership teams to build capacity
    • Present publicly at the Curriculum & Technology Committee meeting, May 2017 
    #2: Community:
    GOAL: Build and strengthen the capacity for community, providing opportunities for the Salisbury Township School District to move toward becoming the hub of the Salisbury community 
    • Collaborate with Salisbury Township officials to plan a community event
    • Design and offer a series of parent workshops
    • Celebrate STSD successes
      • Establish the Alumni Wall of Fame
      • Continue to strengthen the Salisbury Education Foundation through active involvement and development of opportunities to benefit students
      • Continue posting about district related events and activities on SalisuburySD.org
        • Establish a Salisbury Graduate feature on the blog SalisburySD.US
        • Promote the new District/Community RCN Cable Channel
        • Promote the Annual Art Show as a community event 2
    • Maintain Communication
      • Implement updated District/Building websites
      • Analyze the use of various social media tools among various stakeholder groups
      • Promote use of Twitter and Instagram among staff to tell the story of our schools and classrooms 
      • Implement a family/staff exit survey/entrance survey, Reflect on results to change practice.
      • Continue Coffee & Conversation meetings with parents/community members 
      • Distribute electronic Fact Card to the Salisbury community including realtors 
    #3: Instruction: Data Driven Action Planning 
    GOAL: Build the capacity of principals and central office staff to gather and analyze data to develop action plans for improved student achievement 
    • Analyze current resources/practices around data
    • Meet with building leaders to introduce processes and protocols for data analysis using multiple data sources
    • Include data driven action planning as a monthly conversations with principals
    • Provide monthly verbal and/or written updates (at Board/Committee meetings and in Board communications) on the progress of building action plans

    Superintendent's Goals 2015-2016

    Goals (Time frame: January-May 2016): 

    • Instruction: Teaching and Learning  (MET) - Develop, along with stakeholders, a clearly articulated vision of classrooms in 2020: o  meetings/focus groups with representative stakeholders including teachers, students, parents and community;
    -  Deliverable: Monthly verbal and written updates (at Board meetings and in Board communications) on the vision development process and progress. Public Vision presentation at the Curriculum & Technology Committee meeting - May 23, 2016.
    • Communication (MET)- Work with the Policy Committee of the board to implement the policy/administrative regulations update project. 
    -  Deliverable: Monthly Policy Committee meetings and Policy review scheduled at regular monthly meetings. Internal and external communication to staff and public, as appropriate, as policies and administrative regulations are adopted.
    -  Deliverable: Monthly verbal and written updates (at Board meetings and in Board communications) on community engagement activities and assessments including school climate surveys, Coffee and Conversation meetings, Community Breakfast, District-wide Art Show. Public presentation of the community action plan at the Curriculum & Technology Committee meeting - May 23, 2016.
    • Community (MET) - Develop a clearly articulated action plan to promote Salisbury Township School District as the hub of the Salisbury community.