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  •        Mrs. Yurconic       Mrs. Yurconic
    loves to work with young learners!   The first degree she earned was in communication design from Kutztown University.  She worked for corporate America and decided she wanted to be more creatively challenged.  Going back to Kutztown enabled her to earn her teaching degree which she feels was the best vocation switch.  She enjoys meeting challenges in her sixth grade classroom in a creative manner. Throughout the years she has worked on continuing her education and has worked collaboratively with many educators and administrators developing her teacher style and practices. 

                   There is always something fun and educational going on in the classroom.  Students enjoy working together on projects while investigating their own thinking and learning styles in the classroom.   Mrs. Yurconic fosters an environment which supports higher level thinking, team building, and the development and refining of multiple intelligences. With the use of digital technology and having students generate questions to promote curiosity in the classroom, she continues to strive to help students reach their full potential by creating learning experiences to develop critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills for the 21st century and to support Salisbury's portraits of a graduate.




     Her current assignment is on the 6th grade Kestrel Team teaching social studies.




    Tips and Tools for a Successful Year in 

    Room 15




    In Class: 

    Please come to class prepared!

    Ready to learn with...

    colored pencils 
    glue sticks
    laptop fully charged and ready to go
    black felt tip pen
    Low odor dry-erase marker
    sock (to use as an eraser for whiteboard)
    earbuds for independent computer work
    Pocket folder with internal fasteners

    Please see Supplies for Success link at the left for other suggestions.




    Outside of Class: 




    1.  BE PROACTIVE!  Please review your assignment green sheet and check the webpage in the homework section on the left column. It is also a great HABIT to organize your binder EVERY night to make sure you have completed the expectations of the day and to practice your organizational skills.



    2.  FIRST THINGS FIRST!  In social studies, it is expected you will review class notes and packets or complete the classroom activity from the day's instruction if assigned to do so.



    3.  BE PROACTIVE AND TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR LEARNING!  Opportunities exist to create your own differentiated project to apply new ideas, explore developing concepts as well as seek  enrichment for deeper understanding on line! Check out my Links Page to investigate multiple interactive sites. 



    4.  BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND!  Find a quiet time and place to complete homework.  Set a goal to complete your assignments. Homework assignments for social studies should not take longer than 15-20 minutes.


    5.  BE PROACTIVE! When you are absent, you need to send me an email via Falcon Apps to see what you have missed in class. Homework is generally posted on my webpage nightly. It is always a good idea to contact a classmate via Falcon Apps to see what you missed as well!